The Dummy

The last installment in the trilogy about Per features Ole Ernst as the rootless bum, Per. Like his low-life pals, Per ekes out a meager existence from shady deals. He is tiring, however, of his shabby life of petty crime. He longs for a normal existence and falls in love with Susanne.

They move to a condemned building which is scheduled to be replaced by a huge insurance company’s headquarters. Together with two other tenants, Per engineers a plan to stop the new construction - at any cost. Only problem is that Per has finally landed a decent job in this very insurance company. Susanne and Per’s relationship is severely tested as the story reaches its chaotic climax.

  • Cast: Ole Ernst, Lisbet Dahl, Jesper Klein, Claus Nissen

  • Director: Hans Kristensen, Foto: Dirk Brüel, Musik: Fuzzy

  • Screenplay: Hans Kristensen og Hans Hansen

  • 1976, Drama