Orla the Frogsnatcher or Freddy Frogface

Being one of the little ones in town is a challenge. The Blacksmith, the strong man in circus and the old lady are grown-ups and they will always stand between you, fun and games. But the worst one is Orla Frogsnatcher, the city lout. He is outright dangerous. Having fun with him around demands creativity and it is a real challenge to escape when you have fallen into his clutches. But the boy Victor is very creative. He and his friend Jakob are determined to get the chance to perform together with the fabulous dog, Sausage, in the Circus Bardini. A new and imaginative fairy-tale about Orla Frogsnatcher, one of the best known louts in the Danish literature for children, is coming.

The story about Orla Frogsnatcher will be followed by "Jelly T" (T for Tarzan)" and "Otto is A Rhino" and this will give both old and young the opportunity to experience the universe of Ole Lund Kirkegaard, the author of the said books, in a new way. Orla Frogsnatcher is an inspiring and entertaining Animation feature film for everybody, children, parents and grandparents alike. It is a very optimistic film and it gives the universe of Ole Lund Kirkegaard a new dimension. Orla Frogsnatcher is the first book by OLK that is made into an animated film and it is will be produced in Denmark to be launched in S-3D.

  • Voices: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Thure Lindhardt, Nicolaj Kopernikus og Katrine Falkenberg.

  • 1 juni 2011, Cartoon