Suspense thriller by Jon Bang Carlsen about a young woman who spends the final portion of her maternity leave with her baby on her dead grandmother’s farm.

The Dummy

The last installment in the trilogy about Per features Ole Ernst as the rootless bum, Per.

The World of Buster

Buster is a small boy with a large imagination. His father is an unemployed magician and his mother a hard-working woman.

The Brief Summer

During WWII/the occupation of Denmark, Kirsten returns to her native town in Jutland together with her son.

The Thoughtless Lover

Jacob Holme practices medicine in a small, provincial town.

Jasper´s Ghost

Jasper, 11 years old, lives with his parents in a small house in the countryside.

Disco Worms

The 3D animated Danish feature film "Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms" is an incredibly original and innovative univers about the young earthworm Barry,

The Escape

Suspense thriller about Per, petty criminal, who naively gets himself involved with a bunch of rough drug dealers.

Freud Leaves Home

Summer 1990, Stockholm. We’re at the Jewish home of antiques dealer Ruben Cohen.

Jelly T

Poor Ivan Olsen is plagued by problems... bullied at school and constantly pursued by a gang whose greatest pleasure is filling his pants with water.

Hearts and Trump

Verner Nielsen experiences an identity crisis when he wakes up after having had a heart transplant. Verner senses that this new organ has made him a new person.


This compelling drama stars Ole Ernst as the disillusioned journalist, Jastrau

Only the Truth

The calm and peace of a small town is disrupted when a drunken journalist is found murdered.

The Mind of a Woman

One fateful day, Lene’s life turns upside-down. She’s a wife and a mother, but she falls head over heels in love with Michael, a visiting American.

Mirror Mirror

Bodil Kjer stars as the over-the-hill ballerina whose life travels down a memory lane populated by counts, barons, queers and transvestites.

Nasty brats

Twelve-year-old George is the new kid in the Apple Orchard housing complex.

Nineteen Red Roses

Brehmer has lost his girlfriend in a car accident involving a drunk driver.

Agnus Dei

Eleven-year old Johanne is sent to a Catholic boarding school.Suffering from homesickness, she explores this strange new world.

The Normans

The two painters, Poul Gernes and Per Kirkeby, visualize their concept of life at the Viking age in this untraditional film.

Orla the Frogsnatcher or Freddy Frogface

Being one of the little ones in town is a challenge. The Blacksmith, the strong man in circus and the old lady are grown-ups and they will always stand between you, fun and games.


Per, a con-man, is hired by factory owner Lorentzen to burn down his own factory for insurance purposes.

Peter von Scholten

Peter von Scholten freed the slaves in 1848. As the governor of the Danish West Indian Islands

Send More Candy

Dressed in the latest, full of mischief and crazy about pop music, two city girls, 8 and 12, get off at a tiny railway station in rural Jutland.

Otto is a Rhino

Topper is an optimistic youth with a vivid imagination - perhaps a little too vivid

Spring Tide

Franco lives in a rough part of Copenhagen. His hooker mother has little time for him


Detective Jørgensen is furious when he’s taken off the case which began as simple fraud but mushrooms into a major scandal involving money laundering and corruption on the highest levels..

Take it Easy

The year is 1945. Eddie Skoller portrays big-band leader Leo Mathisen whose swing band entertains a large crowd every night. Seventeen-year old hustlers Herbert and Allan run a thriving black-market business.


A gang including Boy, the leader, Benny, Schatz and Trigger harass innocent bystanders and blackmail drunk drivers.


Erik goes to Greenland to look into his brother’s suspicious death. In Greenland, his brother’s name was “Tukuma” – “he who’s in a hurry.”

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